Bill Pay Explained For Our Hospital Patients

We currently provide professional radiology reports for the following sites:

Trident Regional Medical Center
Summerville Medical Center
Colleton Medical Center
Palmetto Primary Care Providers (PPCP)
Charleston Oncology

We would like to outline the billing process:

  1. Our offices are contracted with Zotec Partners to provide professional billing services.
  2. They answer the phones as the Physician Billing Office.
  3. After your exam is dictated and a report is provided to your physician, we will file your insurance based on the information you provided at check in.
  4. Our billing service will send a text to your cell phone.
  5. The text will include a link to go to our website to pay your bill:
  6. The text will also include our phone number: 1-888-794-5678
  7. Reply STOP to this message to stop receiving text communications.

If you do not STOP:

      1. A second text will be sent as a friendly reminder.
      2. A third and final text will be sent and a phone call made to try to communicate your balance.
      3. A final pre collections phone call will be made
      4. If no payment is received, your account will be sent to our collection’s agency.
      5. Financial Data Systems (FDS) will reach out for payment to prevent a delinquent amount from going on your credit.

If you do STOP:

      1. A paper statement will be sent to the address on file.
      2. Payment in full is expected when the statement arrives.
      3. If you are unable to pay the full amount, please call us at the number listed above. We will be happy to make payment arrangements to satisfy your balance.
      4. You will only receive one statement and it is important to reach out to us at 1-888-794-5678 if you do not receive a statement or cannot pay your bill.

If you feel you received a bill in error, please make sure to call us and we will review your account. If you need to update information, please make sure to have your insurance card handy with policy information easily accessible.